How We Got Started

How GV Lighting designs got started is a really great story. Gayle and Gwyn Viskovich the company founders began their careers in the fashion industry as Fashion Stylists and Fashion Show Producers. In the mid 90's the sisters, while decorating their Los Angles home found it difficult to find unique and creative lighting solutions. So they set out to create their own lamp shades using fashion jewelry they had from old photo shoots. When friends and family saw the pieces the remarks were, "You should turn this into a business".  So they did. After some testing and redesigning they created a woven beaded lamp shade design that they felt was ready to take to retailers. They found their way to a boutique in Malibu California called Planet Blue. The manager took a chance on them and took the shades on consignment. They had a full sell thru of their shades and on the second order, by luck or divine design the set decorator for the TV show "Friends" Greg Grande came into the shop picked up one of the beaded shades and asked, "Can I get 6 of these". He had been looking to replace the paper shades on the wall sconces on the "Monica" and "Rachel" apt. set and in his words, "Loved the perfect imperfection" of the design of their shades.  This was the stepping off point. From there they were contracted to create one of a kind pieces for the set of NBC's "Veronica's Closet" starring Kirstie Alley and the film "What Woman Want" staring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. This exposure led the sisters to working with some of the top designers In Los Angeles as well as in their home base of the San Francisco Bay Area. Their beautiful custom pieces can also be seen in many trendy hot spots in LA. To name a few: Bliss, Cafe La Boheme and The Lounge in Hollywood as well Bambuddah Lounge in San Francisco. Their Client list boasts of celebrities such as Paula Abdul, Kirstie Alley, Shannon Doherty, Kim Delany, Greg Grande (set decorator "Friends"), Marta Kauffman (creator, producer of "Friends"), Freddie PrinzeJr. & Sarah Michelle Geller and David Schwimmer. Oprah Winfrey also has one of their custom pieces. 

Because of the sisters opportunity to work with some of the most creative talent in the country their creative abilities have been challenged to answer the question, "How do we make this unique and esthetically beautiful while keeping it functional?" They have met this challenge many times over and from this question they designed and created their patented product the "Recessed Light Shade"

Finding their inspiration by blending the ever changing worlds of fashion and home decor the sisters stay inspired and ready to create new designs that fit in with any style. From traditional to transitional or comtemporay to modern, they will work closely and collaboratively with their clients to create and produce beautiful lighting.