• "The Frame"


    "The Frame" This is our patented product, "The Recessed Light Shade". The Recessed Light Shade was designed with 4 tabs flush at the top and holes drilled around the bottom perimeter for the easiest of applications.   To apply the frame, all you do is pull the baffle of the can light down from the ceiling lift 2 tabs up over the baffle to clear then lift the other 2 tabs up and let the frame rest on the inside of the baffle and push back up to the ceiling. We have designed the tabs at the top with holes so if you need to add more support for heavier accents you can screw it into the ceiling for the extra support.  That's it! Now you're ready to apply your accents. You can choose from our line of shades or create your own. We have customers who have been collecting crystals for years and didn't know what to do with them until they found our Frame.  Now they have what some have called "Mini Chandeliers" covering their recessed can lights.The last photo is an example of one of our customers using their own crystals.  We even have a customer who used a collection of vintage chandelier earrings to create her shade for her dressing room. You can get as creative as you like.  This really is the easiest, most versatile and budget friendly way to update and enhance your recessed can lighting. 

    *Please choose "Frame" color and size